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Kicks in Wing Chun 02 (French Version and less crappy Version) LOW KICKS

Low Kicks

has always been a difficult problem to deal with for Wing Chun students.
Especially because of the « Weight on the rear leg »tradition in movies that goes in the incouncious mind of teachers and students.

People, when dealing with someone who is mobile and use low kicks, be mobile also, don’t stay stuck, flat on your legs, ths stance isn’t suited for this moment of the fight.

More vidéos to come.

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Les Low Kicks

ont toujours posé problème pour les pratiquants de Wing Chun, en particulier à cause de la posture sur la jambe arrière et de la répétition des exercices « pieds à plat » en trainant la jambe.

Ce pas glissé n’est utilisable qu’une fois au contact avec votre adversaire, à distance, en particulier en face d’un pratiquant mobile, de boxe thaie ou autre, restez en appui souple sur vos deux jambes, et soyez mobile également !

Ici, quelques idées pour réagir face aux low kicks, d’autres vidéos sont à venir.

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Shanice and Baboon : « Living Puppet acoustique »

Shanice again, not so strayed cat struggling and playing with the purple shadow or her desires.

In the void that binds lies the strings of fate, echoing the cries of despair and the shouts of glee.
We walk alone, surrounded by the shadows of strangers inside, and outside our mind.

There’s an huge temptation in alienation, in the madness offered by empathy,
The urge to touch, to feel, to listen or the need to flee inside, outside,
This desire within, that is or isn’t so vain and stupid, but give substance,
Inside, and outside.

What matters isn’t what you believe you are, but what you do with it.

Mama Pimp and the Funk Pushers (un groupe à suivre de très près):

De construire par le haut ou d’ériger par en bas :

Su Dong Chen – Charlie Parker

« A school is the entrance of a martial art. » 

« As an example a musician may prefer to play contemporary music and limit his training to one school to teach him this style of music, choosing to only play contemporary music. Another musician may prefer to play contemporary music, however he may study and learn aspects of Jazz, Classical, Blues, etc. as well. The first musician will be limited due to an environment that does not stretch and challenge his abilities as well as his thinking thereby limiting and arguably stunting his growth. The second musician by researching other styles is stretching his abilities and his thinking, and is forced to develop a deeper understanding of music as a whole. Lire la suite