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Nouvelle playlist : Siu Lim Tao

Premier Tao du Wing Chun, le plus simple et le plus difficile à comprendre. Fondation du style, il permet de développer le corps afin de pouvoir pratiquer correctement.

Playlist Siu Lim Tao : 


Mook Jong : La web série en 6 épisodes.

Une web série avec une issue malheureusement tragique :

Petits entretiens autour de certains mouvements du mannequin de bois avec les inévitables dommages collatéraux.



Un poulpe à Paris : La série complète.

Un Poulpe à Paris :




Bienvenue, Ouailecome!

Siu Nim Tao : « Le Tao de la petite idée » : Tao fondateur du style OC :

Vidéo essentielle : Le « partenaire crétin » par Mr M., capitaine de Tortuga.

« Fingers that extinguish the light »

« Fist that extinguish the light : Modern version »

Chisao : Cooperative, and more « agressive » work :

(Listen to the flow, don’t rush to kill it)

Welcome to the Radiant Octopus’ School !

Here in Strasbourg France, we try to promote and encourage people to train in Wing Chun in our town and all around the World !

Join us now !

The Oath :

Deepest depth, where one live with no light, No evil can escape my sticky tentacle, Beware the radiant octopus might !

Définitions et rappels cruciaux:

  • Le Mouvement naît de l’immobilité,
  • L’apprentissage de la forme de corps se fait par quanta,
  • Nous sommes de très mauvais témoins de notre évolution; de la progression de nos capacités.
  • Qui peut le moins peut le plus, l’inverse est souvent une connerie, c’est très difficile d’en faire moins.
  • Ce qui ne te tue pas te rend plus … Mort (Ne pas croire Nietzsche ou Conan le barbare)
  • Primum non nocere : Premièrement ne pas nuire (Hippocrate)
  • La santé, c’est le silence des Organes : René leriche, « ou pas… » Un Psy qui passait par là.
  • « Devant une forteresse de silence, on dépose les armes sans combattre » Pierre Bordage, les guerriers du silence.
  • « L’OC, c’est la pierre qui roule derrière un rideau de soie » Jagger, philosophe du XXe siècle.
  • « On ne peut jamais être détendu dans un combat » Angström, capitaine de Tortuga
  • « Tu ne peut pas toujours avoir ce que tu veux
    Et si parfois tu t’en donnes la peine, tu y arrives,
    Tu obtiens ce qu’il te faut
     » Jagger, encore, philosophe du XXe siècle.
  • « Je l’ai vue aujourd’hui à la réception
    Dans son verre, elle savourait la souffrance d’un homme
    Elle était passée maître dans l’art de tromper les gens
    Oui, je pouvais le dire à ses mains tachées de sang » Jagger Toujours, poème faussement attribué à la Nonne Ng Mui selon les sources historiques croisées.

Important définitions and reminders

  •  Stillness is the mother of the movement,
  • Body éducation follows quantic jumps, 
  • We are bad witnesses of our own evolution, our own growth
  • He who can do more can do less is bullshit, it’s more difficult to do less than you think.
  • What don’t kill you, errr, don’t kill you. (don’t believe Nietzsche or Conan the barbarian)
  • Primum non nocere : First, don’t hurt (Hippocrate),  « Fist Hurt » ( an anonymous octopus student)
  • Health is the organ’s silence : René Leriche, « ou pas » Some random psychanalyst, passing by.
  • « In front of a fortress of silence,  we drop our weapons without fighting » Pierre Bordage, Les guerriers du silence.
  • « OC is a rolling stone behind a silk curtain » Jagger, XXth century’s top notch Philosopher.
  • « Ain’t possible to stay wobble in a fight you asshole, little punk, who do you think you are? » Captain Angström of Tortuga Island.
  • « You can’t always get what you want
    But if you try sometimes well you might find
    You get what you need  » Jagger, again…
  • « I saw her today at the reception
    In her glass was a bleeding man
    She was practiced at the art of deception
    Well I could tell by her blood-stained hands  » Jagger, still, extract from a poem for a girl, some random chinese num as it seems.

OC: Ouingue Choune is a registrated  trademark deposed by Sir Kadishtu of the FlOC, independant movement of wing chun started in France and already conquering the world.

OC : Ouingue choune est un concept orignal développé par Sir Kadishtu du FLOC canal Hystérique, premier et unique Front de Libération du Ouingue Choune visant à ouvrir la pratique des différentes écoles de Wing Ving Vinh Chun Tsjun Tsun Choune Tchun Xuan…

Niem Lik

The Hidden Power of Siu Nim Tau —  Tsui Sheung Tin:

My master Yip Man first started teaching Ving Tsun in Hong Kong at the Restaurant Worker’s Union Association. At the time I was the secretary of the association, so Master Yip and I had many opportunities to be together. Before I became interested in Ving Tsun, I often overheard Master Yip explaining his Ving Tsun theories in his classes. Gradually he sparked my interest in the art. It so happened that I had great interest in physics and mechanics; I enjoyed his theories on body structure and power development methods very much. Through my careful analysis, I was convinced that Master Yip’s art was flawless and very advanced. Finally, I decided to follow Master Yip and became his student.
Like every beginner in class, I started my journey with Siu Nim Tau , even though I had already familiarized myself with the form as an observer. It took me little effort to completely learn the basic movements. I then began to wonder about the essence of the form, besides the hand movements. I went to Master Yip and inquired about the meaning of Siu Nim Tau, especially the non-combative tone in the name. Master Yip replied: « This is about Lop Nim — to establish an idea in the mind ». I am sure most of my peers have also heard about this term. Master Yip also added that it required prolonged practice of this form to truly master the essence of lop nim.

This hidden meaning of lop nim really caught my interest. I spent much time analyzing its nature, but could still not grasp the concept. Therefore I decided to drop all my thoughts and simply practiced Siu Nim Tau whenever I could, day and night. After a long time, I began to see the connection between lop nim and the form. I suddenly felt great joy in my Ving Tsun training, which fueled my interest in the art further. I became obsessed with the art. Gradually I discovered some powerful but hidden forces within each Siu Nim Tau movement. All the movements are indeed able to deliver indestructible power, yet they look very soft and graceful. At that moment, the concept of lop nim became extremely enlightening and inspiring to me. I finally understood the reason behind it.

I summarize this hidden power as a kind of nim lik (the force of an idea; or mind/intent force, where nim is the same idea/intent as in nim tau ). In essence, Siu Nim Tau has two major points: nim lik and « structure ».

1. Nim Lik

(force of idea/intent): it stabilizes all Ving Tsun movements to form a springy and dynamic combination of body structures. It makes Ving Tsun body structure able to sustain great pressure and produce rebound energy. Although there are common terms such as nim lik, qigong, noigong or supernatural abilities that are being perceived as some kind of unusual power, here I would only illustrate the concept behind nim lik (force of idea/intent). Nim lik is the power of a highly focused mind. It helps one bring forth chi flow into every part of the body. Everyone should have this kind of power. However, without training, it is very difficult to focus thoughts. Siu Nim Tau is a great tool to invoke mind focus power. If properly practiced, one can deliver this kind of power at will in every instance. The mind can stay focused even when the structure is adjusting or moving at high speed. So to achieve nim lik is the goal of Siu Nim Tau.

Let’s look at a simple example: if a healthy person falls down from a 6 – 7 feet tall platform unprepared, although he/she lands with both feet, he/she is still likely to injury him/herself. However, if the person is mentally prepared for the fall, his/her feet will automatically recoil and absorb the impact. Also, he/she can only have this reflex if his/her feet are relax. This is an unique attribute of human muscle in its relax state. The springy force on the feet that help the person land safely is a direct result of relax muscles and nim lik.

note: according to contemporary scientific findings; when human muscles are in relax state and are moving at steady speed, they can sustain greater pressure than when they are tensed up (using force). It is so amazing that our Ving Tsun ancestor Ng Mui was able to make use of this scientific method to design our Siu Nim Tau hundreds of years ago

2. Structure:

Yee Gee Kim Yang Ma allows one to project all energy forward towards the target. Tei Gong (pulling up of the muscle around the anus area) helps unite body and stance. It also helps relax the leg muscles while being in the stance; thus the whole body reaches a highly alert and ready state. These are the necessary conditions to produce nim lik and must be maintained firmly. The core techniques of Siu Nim Tau — Tan / Bong / Fook — are indeed subtle uses of body mechanics. These three techniques take the shape of arcs or bows. As we extend the arc shape further, Tan / Bong / Fook become hemispheres. As we all know, an arc or spherical-shaped object can sustain strong impact. It can also transfer or deflect energy dynamically when spinning. A wheel can accelerate faster than objects of other shapes (e.g. square, triangle). Each movement in Siu Nim Tau, inspired by this efficient arc-like structure, and when combined with nim lik, becomes extremely powerful defensive and offensive techniques. In addition, practitioners must not employ brute muscle strength. Siu Nim Tau training should never be tiring. To be proficient in this foundation, all movements should be done with the mind rather than strength.

Many Ving Tsun practitioners like to impose their techniques into frozen and static postures. Many believe that Bong Sau should be done at certain height or angle, or criticize others for not complying to their artificial standards. Some may call this style traditionalist; that style reformist; and on and on. In fact, movements in Siu Nim Tau are not named as if they were static postures. For example, when rolling up Tan Sau into Bong Sau, it is the course of this rolling movement that makes up the Bong Sau technique; the function of Bong Sau exists in its circular motion. Similarly, all other techniques in Siu Nim Tau employ circular movements in various directions.

It is a popular belief that Bong Sau is a passive technique: practitioners only use Bong Sau to deflect incoming forces. This would apply to the scenario where a statically posted Bong Sau is being used to block attacks. However, this explanation lacks an understanding of Bong Sau. In my experience, Bong Sau can deliver enormous offensive power. Indeed, it is a very aggressive and penetrating technique due to its circular nature.

Finally, I suggest that all fellow Ving Tsun practitioners look carefully into each technique of Siu Nim Tau. Discover the subtle circular movements in each of them. Practice with mind focus and steady speed. Use the mind to command each technique rather than using muscle tension. I am sure you will gradually find great joy and satisfaction in your Siu Nim Tau training!

La vérité au bout des doigts II

« Qui ne reconnait pas la vérité dans les propos inutiles et stupides n’a pas trouvé la Voie ».  Avalokiteshvara Pouet Pouet

« Trois mots d’esprit assassins assenés par des fous sages valent mieux qu’un grand discours de sots savants. » Nanjamonja poet poet.

  •  « Doigt: arme utilisée par les idiots pour détourner l’ attention des imbéciles. » Jagwa Lire la suite

Compilations d’articles de Haze.

Réflexions sur des notions populaires sur le wing chun kuen

Par Jack Tak Fok Ling

Légitimité: La légende et la structure du Wing Chun

Les figures légendaires de l’abbesse Ng Muy et de Yim Wing Chun sont généralement acceptées, avec un scepticisme raisonnable, comme à l’origine du Wing Chun Kuen de Yip Man. Pour différentes raisons, certains pratiquants du Wing Chun attribuent plus de poids à cette croyance qu’aux preuves historiques. Parfois, les amateurs de Wing Chun légitiment leur manière de pratiquer autour du «fait» que les présumées fondatrices étaient des femmes. Lire la suite

Ecole Allemande Vs Ecole Chinoise

Approche Allemande d’origine leungtingienne :

Gestion des situations de déséquilibre dues à la collision de deux techniques et invention de flux de mains codifiés (chisao) allant, pointant dans la recherche de solutions aux déséquilibres

Avantages :

  • Situation rassurante pour l’élève qui trouve des réponses assez rapides à ses angoisses.
  • Progression rapide
  • Cours ludiques et attrayants Lire la suite

Heavy Metal

1. Don’t be greedy with the hits. Often people are already hit without realizing it.

2. You don’t always have to strike high. This exposes you to low hits.

3. Many people have no rooting. The stance is weak, not sunken. The knees should be in. You should feel like you are melting into the ground. You can practice for a lifetime but if your stance is poor you will have wasted all of your effort. If you meet the right Wing Chun guy, you will be in big trouble.

4. Don’t act before you know what is going on. You must feel what is happening first. People act before they feel. Random flurries won’t work. You can’t just rely on speed.

5. The head should not be forward. Keep the head back Lire la suite